Saturday, December 22, 2018

Free Value Investing Webinars

Will value investing webinars help my audience learn the art of investing? I have been pondering over this question for some time now. To place the question in context, for many years now I have been spreading value investing mostly through writing - blogs, investment reports. Of course, I answer questions on this great forum “Quora”. I am grateful to God that I a number of people read and benefit from the articles and blog posts.

value investing webinars

I have also conducted a number of seminars/ workshops for an audience. It has been a wonderful experience for me. However, it takes a lot of time, energy and resources to organise live seminars/ workshops.
For some time I have been seriously considering the question, “Can Value investing knowledge be spread more effectively through Webinars?”

I plan Value Investing Webinars

After lengthy contemplation, I want to conduct free and regular webinars. I want to conduct one webinar on a fixed day and time every week - say every Saturday at 10.30 am. Even if a weekly webinar is too ambitious, at least once a month I think is minimum.
However, I am plagued by the following question:
  1. Are people interested in attending webinars on this subject?
  2. If yes what will be the most convenient day and time for the most?
I am exploring my audience's interest in value investing webinars through this blog post.
So dear readers:

1. Do you also think that webinars are a good medium to learn value investing?
2. If so will you be interested in participating in one?
3. Which day and time of the week will be most suitable t you?

Please believe me that I do not have any hidden agenda. I don’t want to sell you anything. This is a promise.

If you are interested in participating in the free webinar, please drop a mail at so that I can send you an invite when I can organize one.

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Which is Better SIP or SWP?

Investors frequently ask me, "Which is Better SIP or SWP?". In short, mutual funds create the two products for entirely different situations. A SIP creates wealth. Whereas an SWP breaks down an existing corpus into small, regular payments.

Which is Better SIP or SWP - Feature Image

The dilemma is similar to, "What is the difference between Dividend and Growth Fund? Which is Better"? The answer is also the same. Dividend or regular income plans suit a person who has a big initial corpus and wants to live out of it. Regular income plans invest in interest paying investments like bonds. On the other hand, a growth fund is meant for creating a corpus or wealth.

Before we go deep into the differences between the two let me first explain what is a SIP and an SWP briefly.

Which is Better SIP or SWP? - Meanings

The word SIP stands for 'Systematic Investment Plan'. A SIP is a plan for making small investments in a mutual fund scheme at regular intervals. Usually, the interval period is a month. Therefore a SIP is only a commitment to make a regular and periodic investment into a particular mutual fund scheme. However, it is not a type of mutual fund or investment instrument.

SWP stands for 'Systematic Withdrawal Plan'. It is a scheme for converting a certain lump sum fund or money into a stream of small payments over a certain period of time. Again it is only a scheme designed by a mutual fund and not a separate type of mutual fund or investment instrument.

I tabulate the differences below:

I list below links to a few interesting articles relating to mutual funds you may like to read:


I conclude that a SIP and SWP are antonyms. While a SIP is an attempt to create wealth, an SWP is a scheme to distribute a lump sum of money into an annuity. I hope I was able to set at rest the dilemma, "Which is Better SIP or SWP"?