Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What are the Best Stocks to Invest in 2017?

Dear Friend!
All the stocks listed in my ‘Portfolio 2K15’ , except State bank of India and NTPC are good companies worth investing. However, the dynemic and ever changing market makes some of them expensive from time to time. Therefore I cannot make a prediction about the entire calender year 2017.
Presently, for the month of December 2016 and maybe for January, one may in four stocks as follows:
  • Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd.
  • Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd.
  • Power Finance Corporation Ltd.
  • Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.

 Of the above four the first three are sure shots and regular profit making companies. The fourth and last, Shipping Corporation, is a special situation share. The company has been incurring losses for the past few years and is in the process of turning around. But its price to book value of 0.41 is a rare opportunity to buy valuable assets at a discount of 59%!
But I do not recommend this stock for others and beginners as there is certainly an element of risk involved with the company and its shares.
So I request you to invest only in the first three.
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What are Good Resources to Learn Trading in Foreign Currencies?

Margin trader shocked by speculation loss
Margin trader shocked by speculation loss 

Actual Question

What are some of the good resources to study about Forex markets and Forex trading?


Dear Friend!
Sorry, I do not trade stocks, commodities and forex.
I also request you to kindly desist from doing so.
Actually it is not trading but speculating which is very dangerous.
The trading lots are very big and the margin is low, which magnifies the gains/ losses many folds. Mostly people incur losses only.
Very long time back I used to trade in stocks and incurred huge loss and since then stopped trading and became a value investor.
You want become really rich and accumulate a huge wealth you can surely and safely achieve these objectives through value investing.
I have suggested a few articles for you to read. They talk about stocks but not about forex and commodities but in reality when we talk about trading all are the same and all the risks are same.
Thank you,
With Best Regards
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