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We use a number of images, jokes, poems and videos available on the net besides our own contents.

We have used images from following sites in general:

We hereby acknowledge and give full credit to these sites for a range of graphics, which we have used either as-it-is or creating other new graphics meeting the context of the post.

We also try to accredit inside individual posts as well as individual artist/ creator where such information is available. 

Videos are embedded in an as is basis without any additional comment or modifications.

In general we wish to acknowledge the great contribution of the sites, artists, poets and creators of images, jokes, videos and poems.

We do not claim to own exclusive rights on the above mentioned content. We may also be hosting a lot of unaccredited material from unknown authors we received via mails, social sites, friends and readers. If you own copyrights to some material and you want us to remove it from pages, please contact to claim your ownership. We will either credit you and your website so you get exposure, or if you wish your content not to be seen completely remove the content.

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