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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Enchanting Encounter With Rustic Beauty - Investing Poem

Enchanting Encounter With Rustic Beauty on an Early Morning Stroll

Along the beautiful tree lined avenues and residences I strode, ruminating spirituality and poetry, amidst peace and bird chirping background.

Upon a sharp turn, afar stood a woman in an Indian suit of black and pink – adjusting her hair standing in a side pose revealing all her attractive angles.

Brief, distant glances exchanged, Sharply she retired homewards, perhaps for a better view from the safety of the curtains?

I passed the house with intent sideways glance to check whether she stood in shade - but continued my stroll back to reflections and bird talk, finding her not to be there.

It was a mere passing scene on a early morning walk – one among many we see that make our lives bright, I thought. I strode on without any expectations – wearing a grateful smile - for the brief colorful sight.

But it was not to be.

On my routine next round, I again find her. This time standing in leisurely conversation with a timeworn woman I had seen trolling before.

A couple of long glances ensued. My heartbeat quickened. The old woman was serious in her advice; perhaps unaware of the real purpose of the discussion. The younger gave two, long, satisfying, glances.

Passing her close by, I aver she is not a conventional beauty, yet rustic and healthy, early in her middles. I am more advanced in time, though endowed with a firm thin frame and a fast gait. Fair in color she was and firm in flesh. Attractive she was in her own native way.

Further reflections focused neither on poetry nor spirituality but on exciting prospects that may lie ahead. I usually make only three, because of the paining knee. Now I extend it to four, expecting to find her in receiving extended guidance.

But I find her not there. Disappointed, I trudge along. Perhaps she has made her assessment. What it is, I can only know tomorrow during the early morning amble.

Alas it will not be. For I have to leave. I don’t live there. I am only on a visit and my next one is due only after a month.

But once, revealed, she cannot escape my pursuit.

For, I am a value investor and she is a stock.

She is strong. She is attractive. She is the share of NMDC Ltd., and I will surely find her and invest in her.

A rustic beauty I discovered, one day - a chance encounter during my early morning walk.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dividends Rain Poem

Dividends Rain;
Stocks Paint Portfolio Green.
Its Two Harvest a Year – Here.

So, Invest Dear – Year after Year!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

“Investments Says..” Poem

Again I chanced upon an elegant poem by young Ignatius Hosiana, whose poems on investing I have started liking. In his graceful poem, “Investments Says..” , he has hit the nail on the head. It is in complete congruence to what we have been advocating in the blog here. 

The poet wants to say that in order to invest you do not need to have the whole world with you but when you seriously invest you could indeed have the whole world in your hands. Compare this with the article based on Warren Buffett’s quote, “Do you need to be millionaire to become a billionaire?”.
Please enjoy Ignatius Hosiana’s poem and start investing!

Poet Ignatius Hosiana

Sow More-Pay Less Poem

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Saving Young - Poem - Slide

Start Saving Young-Poem

Start Saving Young;
Keep Investing when Still Young;
Nurture Investments Very Long;
Reap the Financial Freedom Protection Ring;
Give Old-age Dependence the Shun;
Make Retirement Life a Song;
Give your suppressed Dreams Wing;
Live your final years with Zing;
Begin Value Investing Now!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"More Crop You Invest..." - Poem on Investing and Returns

Today I chanced upon reading a very short yet an elegant poem “More Crop You Invest..”  by Ignatius Hosiana. He was talking investments and returns using crop and farming as metaphors.

The message conveyed is that the more you invest, the more dividends you reap, which triggers many crucial questions; how can manage to invest more? What are good investment habits? 

Let me describe the simple good investment habits that will take you to great heights:

  1. Invest First and Spend Next: when you receive your pay-check, first invest the planned amount and thereafter go about spending, again as per the budget.
  2. Control the Urge to Splurge: Lead a simple lifestyle. This will leave additional cash in your hands that will let you invest more. Additionally, by doing so, you will be setting a very valuable example to your children.
  3. Develop Patience: The poet was conveying the message in the language of crop and farming. Farming requires enormous patience - so does investing. Once you have invested well, after thorough prior research, simply forget the investments. Leaving investments untouched will assist the law of 'Miracle of Compounding' to labor for you and produce significant returns on investments.
  4. Slay the Inner Demons:  Greed and Fear the worst internal ghosts that an investor needs to exorcise. Success in investing does not require genius; it only requires character.
Lets enjoy the poem "More Crop You Invest..", discover the true message conveyed by the poet and reap the handsome dividends on investments.

Investors Shall Learn to Slay the Demons, 'Greed' and 'Fear'

What an Investor Must Avoid: Invest in Haste - Poem on Investing and Dividends

Invest in
Haste is
A Total Waste;
Nay - a Misery Taste.

Rest and
Reap the
Value Invest!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sonnet to the Lady Investor

Like an eagle She soars high in the blue sky, fathoming for succulent opportunities in the vast financial landscape below;

Upon the tree cozy and lazy She gazes at the jungle of stocks, for the right prey to pounce upon, wandering innocently below;

Vulture’s patience She displays forever – hurry is never in Her vocabulary;
Sits on cash for years, She – waiting for the market crash long foresaw, She;

As an Amazonian parrot She has digested the investing lexicon – every word of He is a measured gem;

Wise as an Elephant she roams the market maze -
Remembering every lesson learnt amid agony;

Solitary She dwells; alone She hunts;
Prides and packs She abhors  - ferocious tigress She is;

Selfish She is not – teaches the world what She knows;
Riches and wealth She wants for All;

She is a Buffett – Graham She is;

She is knowledge – value investor She is.