Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Market Prediction and Predictor Slide

Picture Shows a Market Predictor Investor Gazing at the Market

Picture Shows a Investor Gazing at the Market Intending to Make a Prediction

Look At the Business Aspects of the Investment

Picture has two parts: man explaining business model and the other magician performing tricks with stock. A girl is looking at the business aspects

"We are not looking at the aspects of the stock, we 're looking at the aspects of the business."

Warren Buffett

Growth and Value are Inseperable

Picture shows a balanced scale in one corner and investor riding growth in another corner. A chin binds the words Growth and Value.

'Most analysts feel they must choose between two approaches customarily thought to be in opposition: "value" and "growth."... In our opinion, the two approaches are joined at the hip: Growth is always a component in the calculation of value.'

Warren Buffett