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Dear Readers!This blog is continuously evolving. We are adding new features regularly. It is our constant endeavour to establish an environment for free exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing and effective communication among the value investor enthusiasts closely associated with this value investing blog, 'Wealth Vidya'. 

In furtherance of the objective we bring the "Forum" for our valuable readers. We urge you to join, express, teach and learn value investing through this forum and make it a success.
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  1. Amazing work sir.. Thanks for your contribution.. Forum would be indeed much helpful to us.

    Happy New Year

  2. Dear Mathivanan, Thanks for the kind words. It is words like these that keep me motivated.

    I encourage you ask questions, express your own views and make it a happening place. Thank you. With Best Regards. Anand

  3. Dear Sir,

    Is hatsun a good buy at this premium price ? i analyzed the parameters you mentioned which clearly states to avoid. but a curiosity as many are recommending it.

    Best Regards