Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sonnet to the Lady Investor

Like an eagle She soars high in the blue sky, fathoming for succulent opportunities in the vast financial landscape below;

Upon the tree cozy and lazy She gazes at the jungle of stocks, for the right prey to pounce upon, wandering innocently below;

Vulture’s patience She displays forever – hurry is never in Her vocabulary;
Sits on cash for years, She – waiting for the market crash long foresaw, She;

As an Amazonian parrot She has digested the investing lexicon – every word of He is a measured gem;

Wise as an Elephant she roams the market maze -
Remembering every lesson learnt amid agony;

Solitary She dwells; alone She hunts;
Prides and packs She abhors  - ferocious tigress She is;

Selfish She is not – teaches the world what She knows;
Riches and wealth She wants for All;

She is a Buffett – Graham She is;

She is knowledge – value investor She is.

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