Saturday, September 10, 2016

Invest First, Spend Next - Poem

Is Yes Bank a Juicy Investment Opportunity After Recent Price Crash?

In my opinion, a value investor does not and should not make serious investment decisions merely based on temporary market conditions. Of course, if ‘Yes Bank’ was already worth including in the portfolio or it already forms part of the portfolio, based on solid merits, the value investor would naturally pounce on such a juicy opportunity.

In my opinion Yes Bank appears to be an efficiently private bank, but is not a part of my portfolio because prima facie market conditions, even after the recent steep fall, do not justify investing. Please carefully observe the following table:
Vital Metrics of Yes bank after September Crash
The above table makes makes our job easy and simple, Yes Bank is still expensive and one cannot afford to invest in its shares, despite the recent crash this week.

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