Thursday, May 11, 2017

How many companies are listed on BSE and NSE?

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How many companies are listed on BSE and NSE? I thought they were 30 and 50 respectively, but I just discovered there are many more.


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As on date more than 5500 companies are listed on the BSE, as per the information available on the website of the BSE.

NSE being a relatively new exchange, about 2000 companies are said to be listed.
Perhaps you had arrived at the numbers of 30 and 50 respectively based on the composition of the two popular indices, S&P BSE Sensex (comprising 30 scrips enjoying the top 30 market capitalisation) and NIFTY which comprises of the top 50 companies.

Kindly note that for a stock market to function effectively it is required that a sufficiently large number of companies are listed on the exchange. The numbers of 30 and fifty will not suffice. Only a fairly large number of listed companies can meet the wide range investing tastes and styles of market players like domestic institutional investors (DIIs), foreign institutional investors (FIIs), high net worth individuals (HNIs), retail investors and so on.

For your kind information, though popular, Sensex and NIFTY are not the only two indices. Following is the list of various indices of the Bombay Stock Exchange:
Table listing BSE's Indices

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To conclude a large number of companies are listed on India’s two popular exchanges, BSE and NSE, offering a wide choice for various types and categories of investors.

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