Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Best Blogs on Indian Stocks

Picture shows a girl closing her ears tight to cut out the background noise
Girl closing her ears tight to cut out the background noise

 Actual Question:

What are the best blogs or website for Indian stock market analysis?


Dear Friend!
As a blog author of this value investing blog ‘Wealth Vidya’, I have deliberately not visited other blogs so that I will not be influenced by others’ ideas.
My advice is that you buy yourself a copy of “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham and read it diligently. Watch Warren Buffett’s videos on the youtube, and you will not required to visit any blog.
Book "The Intelligent Investor"

Believe me my dear friend, there is plenty of useless noise around - in the form of television channels, print media, blogs, social media - churning out useless and false knowledge. Smartness does not lie in reading more but filtering the noise and accessing only true and relevant information.

Thank you,
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Is it Good to Invest in Multiple Mutual Funds?

Picture shows of cut-outs of many national flags in the shape of people depicting diversity

Actual Question:

Is it good to add Birla Sunlife Frontline ICICI value discovery SIPs to one’s existing Axis Long Term, Franklin Small Caps and Reliance Tax Saver?


Dear Friend!
  • Please do not disturb the investments already made. Let them be for a very, very long time.
  • All future investments please make only in a low-cost, Equity, Index fund or an exchange traded index fund, where the fund management cost is below 0.50%.
  • Mutual funds bring out new, exotic sounding schemes for market differentiation purposes and attracting investments. Please do not get carried away by such names. The actively traded finds charge 3 to 4% fund management fees per annum. This is a huge and unjustified cost when we are talking about real wealth creation over 30–35 years.
  • Go for a solid institution, which can be expected to be in business for the next 100 years - SBI, HDFC.
  • Any other investment idea really does not make any great difference.

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To conclude there is no harm in investing in multiple mutual funds so long as one invests in a low-cost index fund or an exchange traded fund (ETF).
Thank you,
With Best Regards


Don't Play a Game That You Don't Understand

Picture shows two dice and a question, "Can we afford to play a game that we don't understand?"

"There are some parts of the game that we don't understand, so we don't play with them."
Warren Buffett