Sunday, August 28, 2016

Does Benjamin Graham's Teaching Apply to Buying Entire Businesses as they Do to Stocks?

Dear Frind!
Such a wonderful question you have asked. I was looking for a way to up-vote your question but there seems to be none.
Golden knowledge like what Benjamin Graham propounded will defy compartmentalisation to a particular situation and will certainly attain a global hue. Yes it indeed applies for purchasing businesses also and indeed I apply the rules in evaluating acquisition deals I craft.

Conversely, Warren Buffett compares purchasing even a single share in a company to that of purchasing the whole business - applying the same caution, prudence and analysis - reinforcing your concern and my answer.
Buying a share and buying an entire business are one and the same and the same knowledge, care and patience shall exercised in both the situations - there is no room for even a shred of doubt or confusion about this.
You have asked me a question that has not occurred to me, nor has anyone asked me so far, but it is indeed a great question and I highly appreciate that you have raised it.
Thank you,

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