Monday, May 15, 2017

Is Amtek Auto’s Share Worth Investing?

Amtek Auto Logo

The short and immediate answer is a big NOOOOOO!

It is not safe to invest in Amtek Auto. 

Unfortunately the already bad condition is rapidly deteriorating.

The losses are mounting and key profit and loss account related ratios are falling.

Ametek Auto Profitability Ratios Graph

All the key balance sheet ratios like current, quick and TOL/ TNW ratios are declining.
Amtek Auto Liquidity and solvency ratios

Even the market conditions are not favourable.

Amtek Auto Market Snapshot:

Amtek Auto Stock's Market Snapshot

The EPS and PE Ratio are negative, indicating losses. Dividend yield is zero. Price to book ratio is tempting at 0.17 (discount of 83%) but still please do not fall for it.

The share price is in doldrums. After a brief rally in 2014–16 where the price touched about Rs.215, it is languishing at the bottom at Rs.37. Amtek Auto stock’s five year price graph below vindicates my stand:

Amtek Auto Stock's Five Year Price Graph

In conclusion Amtek Auto's share is not a good investment option, so please do not invest.