Sunday, April 30, 2017

Principles are Eternal

Outdated Mechanical Typewriter

"If principles can become dated, they're not principles."

Warren Buffett

Dividend Yield Calculator

How to Use the Calculator:
  1. If you are in the 'Home' page, please Click on the post title to enter the 'Post Page' and proceed.
  2. Please Wait for the calculator/ excel sheet to load - it may take a minute depending on the speed of your internet connection.
  3. Please study the post/ article "What is Dividend Yield?for proper prior understanding.
  4. Please enter your values for 'Current Market Price (CMP)' and 'Dividend Per Share'.
  5. Please input your values only in the designated cells (filled with yellow) in the excel sheet. All other cells are protected and are not intended to be altered.
  6. To clear the contents of the designated cells please refresh the page.
  7. This dividend yield calculator is currency neutral - that is it can be used for any currency.

Warren Buffett on Economi Cycles Video

Georgetown University
Students of Georgetown University
1.     Warren Buffett
2.     Briyan Moynihan, CEO, Bank of America
September 27, 2013
Noted businessman, investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett joined Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan in Gaston Hall at Georgetown.