Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Is it Good to Invest in Multiple Mutual Funds?

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Actual Question:

Is it good to add Birla Sunlife Frontline ICICI value discovery SIPs to one’s existing Axis Long Term, Franklin Small Caps and Reliance Tax Saver?


Dear Friend!
  • Please do not disturb the investments already made. Let them be for a very, very long time.
  • All future investments please make only in a low-cost, Equity, Index fund or an exchange traded index fund, where the fund management cost is below 0.50%.
  • Mutual funds bring out new, exotic sounding schemes for market differentiation purposes and attracting investments. Please do not get carried away by such names. The actively traded finds charge 3 to 4% fund management fees per annum. This is a huge and unjustified cost when we are talking about real wealth creation over 30–35 years.
  • Go for a solid institution, which can be expected to be in business for the next 100 years - SBI, HDFC.
  • Any other investment idea really does not make any great difference.

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To conclude there is no harm in investing in multiple mutual funds so long as one invests in a low-cost index fund or an exchange traded fund (ETF).
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