Sunday, February 5, 2017

What Are the Three Best Indian Solar Stocks?

Picture shows solar PV modules in an installation
Picture shows solar PV modules in an installation

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Your questions has two qualifications namely three and best. While it is easy to list three solar companies in India it is very difficult to qualify to be called best. I will first list the three solar companies:

  • Moser Baer India Ltd. - Listed Company 
  • TATA Power - Listed Company - has a portfolio of thermal, hydro and solar.
  • Godrej Solar a division of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Ltd.
As far as the second adjective, best, is concerned we have to be cautious, for world over solar companies are not doing very well. While solar energy is good good for the world, the environment it is not good for the companies which operate in the field. The reason for this cutthroat competition.
SunEdison a US based one of the worlds large solar players filed for bankruptcy.
SunEdison Company Logo

Because of acute competition, the margins are razor thin. In India the problem is further compounded by the system of awarding solar projects on the basis of lowest bidding tariff which accentuates price cutting by participants.
In conclusion planning to invest in the stocks of solar companies is not a good idea.
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