Wednesday, November 30, 2016

10 Best Dividend Paying Companies

Actual Question

What are some reliable investments with steady returns?

I own some stocks in security tech companies but the returns are sporadic at best. I need something that has solid return rates. Plus i hate jumping through hoops for my money.


Dear Friend!
Thank you very much for raising a very important and useful issue through your question.

As far as dividend returns are concerned there are three vital factors to be considered as follows:
  1. Percentage of net profits distributed as dividends by the company as a policy - good companies distribute 25–30%
  2. Dividend Yield - or simply the rate of dividend on your investment and
  3. Uninterrupted Dividend paying track-record of the company - you have hit the nail on its head when you mentioned sporadic - after all, dividends are the wages of an investor

Here I present 10 good and regular dividend-paying companies:

Sl.No. Company % of Net profits Distributed as Dividends Dividend Yield Uninturrpted dividend paying track-record Download Investment Research Report
1 NMDC Ltd. 25-144% 10.78% 23 years NMDC Ltd.
2 Larsen & Tubro Infotech Ltd. 54-62% 5.25% -- L&T Infotech Ltd.
3 Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd. 20-30% 12.86% 19 years Rural Electrification Corporation
4 Power Finance Corporation 20-30% 11.12% 10 years Power Finance Corporation
5 National Aluminum Company Limited 30-70% 3.85% 18 years National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO)
6 Hindustan Zinc Limited 18-22% 1.61% 19 years Hindustan Zinc Ltd. (HZL) 
7 SJVN Ltd. 25-37% 3.44% 7 years --
8 MOIL Ltd. 20-48% 1.38% 6 years --
9 ONGC Ltd. 33-45% 2.98% 18 years --
10 Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd. 33-78% 3.81% 20 years --

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