Monday, October 10, 2016

What Is the Risk of Investing in SIP?

Actual Question:

What is that I am risking if I would be investing in SIP for more than 40 years? Supposedly I have been investing 10K for more than 40 years will I get a considerable return from SIP , How much is the percentage of risk in SIP?


Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)’ is indeed a safe investment. However, SIP is not product or a mutual fund unit by itself but merely refers to a habitual monthly investment. Through SIP you may invest in a mutual fund or an exchange traded fund (ETF) or directly in stocks.
Therefore, when you want to invest Rs.10000 every month for 40 years, which is indeed commendable, you must know in what kind of product you must invest in. For example, if keep investing for 40 years in income or debt fund, while the principal may be safe you will not be a rich and wealthy person after 40 years. Besides your good resolve, you need to play smart too!
Please invest in a well diversified index mutual fund through the medium of SIP. Here is what you can be worth after 33 years of active investments and keeping the investments alive for another 20 years.

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