Sunday, October 9, 2016

How much Money can be Invested in a Year?

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I do not understand from which angle, that is investing or taxation, you ask this question.
If it is from tax deduction angle, even though I am a chartered accountant, I am not a taxation expert. To my knowledge one can get 100% deduction up to Rs.1.50 lakhs per annum, but please do not take my words for certain.
If you are asking simply from the perspective of investments, simply there is no limit. It only depends on the the investible surplus you have. Even the Indian stock markets can absorb billions of dollar of investments.

Investor Going to Stok Broker to Make the Monthly Investment

If you want to discuss the bare minimum investment per month, you can start as low as Rs.50 a month.
However, if you want investments to make a difference to your life and if you wish to accumulate significant wealth over the lifetime you should invest Rs.10000 to 20000 per months and persist with such investing pattern for about 50 years. The following example demonstrates the possible wealth creation of such humble investments, over very long periods of time on the back of the real wealth creator, the ‘Miracle of Compounding’:
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