Sunday, September 25, 2016

How much Wealth Can I, a 32 year Old Create with a Monthly Investment of Rs.10000?

Full and Actual Question: I am 32.  One child.  Salary is 36K.  Saving 12.5k in public provident fund. Paying 12.5k for a loan. I want to invest other 10k, but how?


You seem to have an investible surplus of Rs.10,000 per month which is quite decent. Your present age of 32 also very good with an active investing life of about 33 years and another 10-15 years even if you do not invest you may keep alive your past investments. It would have been much better had you asked this question when you were 22 years old. Anyway, let us keep a target of about 85 years as your investment life, which is simply superb.
Try to get rid of your debt repayment obligation of Rs.12,500 per month as soon as possible and after that try to avoid borrowing money. Please destroy the credit card(s), if you have any, immediately.
I am surprised to see that there is no significant allocation for home expenses? Perhaps your spouse is taking care of them?

Open a SIP in a well-diversified index mutual fund or invest in an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) for the next 33 years. Do not stop this investment for any reason whatsoever. See below what magic the ‘Miracle of Compounding’ can do for you.
Example Showing Investment Results in 33 Years
If you follow this simple advice keep invested for the time frame suggested, when you look back at the age of 65 you would have accumulated a net wealth of Rs.7.92 crores, after an assumed annual inflation of 10%, which is very high and long term stock annual market returns of 15% which is very reasonable.
If you keep the investment alive, without disturbing for another 20 years, you would have become a really rich and wealthy person with a net wealth of Rs.98.61 Crores.
Happy Investing and Getting Rich Soon!

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