Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"More Crop You Invest..." - Poem on Investing and Returns

Today I chanced upon reading a very short yet an elegant poem “More Crop You Invest..”  by Ignatius Hosiana. He was talking investments and returns using crop and farming as metaphors.

The message conveyed is that the more you invest, the more dividends you reap, which triggers many crucial questions; how can manage to invest more? What are good investment habits? 

Let me describe the simple good investment habits that will take you to great heights:

  1. Invest First and Spend Next: when you receive your pay-check, first invest the planned amount and thereafter go about spending, again as per the budget.
  2. Control the Urge to Splurge: Lead a simple lifestyle. This will leave additional cash in your hands that will let you invest more. Additionally, by doing so, you will be setting a very valuable example to your children.
  3. Develop Patience: The poet was conveying the message in the language of crop and farming. Farming requires enormous patience - so does investing. Once you have invested well, after thorough prior research, simply forget the investments. Leaving investments untouched will assist the law of 'Miracle of Compounding' to labor for you and produce significant returns on investments.
  4. Slay the Inner Demons:  Greed and Fear the worst internal ghosts that an investor needs to exorcise. Success in investing does not require genius; it only requires character.
Lets enjoy the poem "More Crop You Invest..", discover the true message conveyed by the poet and reap the handsome dividends on investments.

Investors Shall Learn to Slay the Demons, 'Greed' and 'Fear'

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