Monday, May 2, 2016

Slay the Emotional Demons Greed and Fear

Many innocent investors get lured by greed to the stock markets. They are high on the fear and greed index. Most probably they have not had the opportunity to read the classic work on investing by Benjamin Graham, "The Intelligent Investor", yet. They still have to learn the Warren Buffet way of investing. They have to learn to slay the two emotional demons of greed and fear.

When the market is rising fast and is already highly priced, people innocently enter the stock market, purely out of greed, without having armed themselves with the true knowledge of value investingexpecting the market to rise even further, and not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to make a fast buck.

Investors have not read Benjamin Graham's The Intelligent Investor and learn the Warren Buffett Way
Slaying internal demons greed and fear key to investing success

Most probably they entered the stock market just when it is about to crash.  No wonder, soon the market crashes.  

The very same people who were ruled by greed sometime back, are now gripped by the other emotion, fear.  Fear of loss.  They sell their stocks to get out, at any price, fearing even further fall.

In order to be a successful investor, one has to learn to slay these twin emotional demons with the powerful sword of Sa-Vidya” or true knowledge of value investing.

Armed with knowledge, the value investor is happy both during the market crash as well as the market boom. Knowing that the intrinsic or real value of the shares she holds, is much higher, she will be happy to buy more when the market is crashing and sell them, and make a handsome profit, when the market is booming.

Investors have not read Benjamin Graham's The Intelligent Investor and learn the Warren Buffett Way

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Instead of entering the market hastily lured by the prospects of making a fast buck, investors better arm themselves with value investing wisdom imparted by Benjamin Graham in his classic book, "The Intelligent Investor", master to control the emotional demons greed and fear and learn the Warren Buffet way of investing.  Once they follow these precautions, investors are bound achieve significant investing success.

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